About Us

Whether you're looking for that new designer bag or you're ready to say goodbye to your cherished branded bag which you're no longer in love with, you can rely on Premium Mall as a worry-free, reliable source for buying high-end designer items! 
If you're parting with a piece because your style has changed or your closet is full, we'll treat you and your items with courtesy and care, and help you get the most for your high-end designer goods. We love the fashion world, and we want everyone else to as well. This is why we work to bring every piece on our site to its new happy home - so we can share the love!
If you have any questions about any of the items on our site, please do get in touch with us

5 Reasons Why Shop at Premium Mall:

1. 100% Authenticity 

All of our products are sourced directly from Brand’s store. Buying a pre-owned designer piece should be a safe and easy process, and we take out all of the guesswork, assuring you that the items will be the real deal, and exactly as described. We guarantee 100% authenticity, or double the refund! 

2. Free Shipping*

Many branded shops, they charged shipping fee depending on the destination and often the delivery fee can be extremely expensive ranging from USD $10 to USD $32. And here is the good news! Premium Mall offers *FREE SHIPPING of all designers to the USA, Europe and Russia with no minimum purchase.        

3. Price Transparency

There are many designer shops out there and frequently you will realize that they don't display any price on their products. And after asking them for prices over and over again, you noticed that the prices will be different even its the same product and design. On the other hand, Premium Mall always believes in price transparency as we want to let our customers know that the prices are fixed for every products and it will also be the same price for everyone. By doing so, there is no prejudice in favor of or against anyone or group compared with another and usually in a way considered to be unfair.  

4. New Design and Affordable Price  

When you're searching for designer goods, what you will see is many of the stores have outdated designers. In another word, you'll see them list the same products over and over again after a couple of months. They do not have the incoming new design and those designs get bored after some time. Subscribe to Premium Mall's Newsletter today and get the first one to know about our NEW ARRIVAL products.

Premium Mall ensures the price stated is always below the retail price and we guaranteed you that you can't find such a good offer anywhere in the world! 


5. Excellent Feedback/Review

Many of the stores do not provide reviews/feedbacks of their products and often you do not know if the store is legit? Or maybe you're the kind who like to know more about the reviews of a product before making any decision. Premium Mall has been providing our customers with first-class customer services, an efficient logistics system in place and 100% authentic plus new designers which have attracted many excellent feedbacks from our customers all over the world!